"Beetlejuice" 1988. A Tim Burton film.

Alternative movie poster. ©datalaze MMXIV

"Mesrine" movie poster
I’ve made two posters for “Mesrine - L’instinct de mort” and “Mesrine - L’ennemi public N°1”, directed by Jean-François Richet, 2008. Who can play Jacques Mesrine (aka “Le Grand” or “L’homme aux mille visages”) better than Jacques Mesrine himself?
(One sheet posters 27” x 40”) - Unofficial - Tribute - ©datalaze MMXIII.

"Machete kills" 2013.
I’ve made a poster for the Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete kills” cinema release competition.   (for AMP in partnership with Lionsgate).

One sheet poster 27”x 40”. ©datalaze MMXIII

"Re-Animator" 1985.
A Brian Yuzna production (Re-Animator 1-2, Beyond Re-Animator, Society, The dentist 1-2, Rottweiler, etc…), 
directed by Stuart Gordon. Tribute - Unofficial posters. 
©datalaze MMXIII
I’ve made some posters for the “PI - 15th anniversary edition” competition.
(for AMP in partnership with Lionsgate).
©datalaze MMXIII